Oral Cancer Screening in Glastonbury, CT

Oral Cancer Screening in Glastonbury, CT

Although people don’t think about it, it is actually important to find a dentist in Glastonbury, CT that offers oral cancer screenings near you. An oral cancer screening is a crucial component of preventive dentistry where a skilled dentist examines the interior and exterior of the mouth for signs of cancer.

Cancer is one of the most common and dangerous diseases capable of affecting anyone. It occurs when a cell does not replicate properly and develops a mutation, which can then spread and cause tumors and organ failure.

At Steven F. Hinchey, DMD, we are a professional preventive dental office that currently offers oral cancer screenings in Glastonbury, CT. We want all of our patients to maintain optimal oral health and wellness, so we strive to keep screenings affordable and accessible for everyone.

The Procedure

An oral cancer screening does not take long; it only lasts 10 to 20 minutes. During this time, our dentist will use specialized tools to examine the interior and exterior of the mouth. The goal is to find precancerous or cancerous symptoms.

If something suspicious is detected, our office can take a sample and have a biopsy performed. Another one of our tools is a light that illuminates irregular cells of a different color. This is beneficial for finding patches of cells that need further testing.

If your results do come back as positive, you will be referred for immediate treatment to improve your odds of beating cancer.

Who Needs a Screening?

We recommend screenings to all of our patients regardless of age or background. After all, cancer affects all types of people. However, there are some individuals who are more at risk than others. If you have any of the following characteristics, then you should be checked twice a year.

  • You consume tobacco products (especially chewing tobacco)
  • You drink alcohol regularly
  • You smoke substances of any kind
  • You receive regular sun exposure
  • You have had cancer before
  • A close relative has had oral cancer

Individuals with one or more of these traits are at a greater risk. We might recommend you change some of your oral behaviors to improve your overall wellness.

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