Cosmetic Dentistry in Glastonbury, CT

Cosmetic Dentistry in Glastonbury, CT

What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Are you looking to improve your smile? Cosmetic dentistry might be exactly what you need. People seek these services if their teeth are stained, discolored, worn out, or misaligned. A trained cosmetic dentist will help develop the right treatment plan for you.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Glastonbury, CT

There are various cosmetic dental procedures you may get. They include the following:

Teeth whitening –

This is one of the simplest and most sought-after procedures. You can get your teeth bleached with in-office products by a cosmetic dentist. The dentist may recommend a tooth mold and gels to whiten your teeth at home.

Dental bonding –

Dental bonding procedure repairs decayed, cracked, or misshapen teeth. Dentists use tooth-colored resin, which is applied to the tooth. The process ends by trimming, shaping, and polishing the bond.

Dental implants –

Here, we use titanium replacements for your tooth roots. They are inserted into the bone socket to secure an artificial tooth for a dental implant.

Dental veneers –

Veneers are made from porcelain or resin. They are more appropriate for covering the front surface of the teeth. They are custom-made to fit your tooth’s shape, size, or length.

Dental crown –

We recommend dental crowns when your tooth demands more dramatic change. This includes cases when the tooth is badly damaged or if you have had a dental implant. The procedure involves removing the outer part of the teeth and replacing it with a crown. It is custom-made to fit with your other teeth.

Braces –

These are suitable when correcting crowded or crooked teeth. If you have an uneven bite, this procedure may be for you. They can be attached to each tooth or the back of the tooth.

Why Seek Cosmetic Dentistry?

Apart from improved appearance, cosmetic dentistry has other benefits. For instance, it will improve your nutrition and may allow you to eat certain foods. It also improves oral health because it is easy to clean your teeth. Lastly, it improves tooth alignment, which can alleviate pain. Steven F Hinchey, DMD, acknowledges the importance of a beautiful smile. Schedule an appointment with us if you want to learn more about cosmetic dentistry in Glastonbury, CT.

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