Perio Protect® in Glastonbury, CT

Perio Protect® in Glastonbury, CT

Do you suspect that you have gum disease? Are you avoiding seeing a dentist near you in Glastonbury because you worry that treatment will require surgery?

If so, there are two things that you should know. First, avoiding treatment will worsen the condition and make it even more likely that surgery will be required; and second, our dentist can treat your condition today with Perio Protect®️ in Glastonbury – an easy take-home tray system to treat gum disease.

Common Symptoms of Gum Disease

Most people believe that gum disease is easy to recognize because it results in bleeding, sore, or puffy gum tissue. But did you know that you could be experiencing gingivitis right now and not even know it? A very common symptom of periodontal disease is bad breath. Some other common symptoms are tooth pain and sensitivity, which prompts individuals to seek treatment for tooth desensitization in Glastonbury, as well as changes in the way their teeth react to biting down on foods.

Why Gum Disease Should Never Be Ignored

You may think that your sensitive, tender, or bleeding gums are an isolated concern restricted to your mouth area when in fact, the infection that’s present can spread into other parts of your anatomy such as your heart. There is a direct link between gum disease and heart disease, which Perio Protect can remedy with regular use. Not only that, but the at-home tray system with Perio Protect is also easy to use and helps to repair the damage that gum disease has caused to the health and beauty of your smile.

Let Us Help You Restore the Health of Your Smile

Instead of continuing to purchase over-the-counter gum protection products that often over-promise and under-deliver, our dentist in Glastonbury, CT, can treat your gum concerns with the proven treatment protocol of Perio Protect in Glastonbury. That means you can save money and time over the long-term on wasted product purchases when you book your appointment today for Perio Protect near you with our Glastonbury dentist. Use our convenient online booking tool to get started now.

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