Our Pledge to You

  • To treat you courteously and respectfully – just as they would a family member or close friend.
  • To respect your time, and honor your appointment times – and expecting our patients to respect our time as well.
  • To give you accurate and complete information about your oral health conditions, their impact and potential impact on your physical health, and your treatment options
  • To give you the most thorough and complete examination, diagnosis and care specifically designed for and considerate of the special needs of your health situation.
  • To determine your goals for your oral health, total health, and dental function and smile appearance and prescribe the dentistry and treatment options best suited to your goals.
  • To answer your every question clearly and completely.
  • To provide an environment where you feel safe, comfortable and at ease, among friends and professionals. Your visit to a dental office will not be a cause for anxiety.

It is important that you have information so that you can choose the proper care that you want for you oral health and overall health. The questions you ask are most important, so that you feel comfortable with your choice of dentist, and choice of treatment.

Our practice is committed to helping you understand dental disease, so that you can understand how recommended treatment can help control the disease.

Please call if we may be of service to you.

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