Endodontic Treatment in Glastonbury, CT

Endodontic Treatment in Glastonbury, CT

The main goal of endodontic treatment is to save natural teeth. This is most often accomplished by root canal therapy. For that reason, endodontics is included in our full menu of comprehensive services at Steven F. Hinchey, DMD.

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The focus of endodontic treatment is on the diagnosis and treatment of pulp infections. Endodontic treatment(aka, root canal therapy) is necessary when decay, trauma, or infection reaches the inner pulp.

Today, root canals are essentially a pain-free procedure. This is due to advances in dental procedures and modern anesthesia.

Root Canal Treatment in Glastonbury, CT

During the root canal procedure, the diseased pulp is removed and replaced with filling material. The location of the affected tooth will determine the number of inner canals, from 1 to 4. With the last 3D imaging, we will ensure the tooth is treated correctly. The final step is to protect the weakened structure by placing a dental crown. In fact, with the proper care, the restored tooth should last a lifetime.

In some cases, a tooth that has undergone root canal therapy may not heal properly. When this happens, endodontic retreatment may be prescribed to eliminate the problem and avoid tooth extraction.

Our endodontist in Glastonbury, CT,  sometimes performs a surgical procedure called apical surgery. This is done to treat an infection around the tooth or to repair the root. This procedure is the last attempt to save a damaged tooth from extraction.

Sedation Dentistry Solutions

If you suffer from dental anxiety, you can get the treatment you need in comfort. During our medical review, we will determine the level of anxiety. Then, your dentist in Glastonbury, CT, can choose the most appropriate sedation method.

Traumatic injuries due to playing sports or an automobile accident usually will result in knocked out or chipped teeth. You should seek out dental care immediately. Cracked teeth can start small and lead to a pulp infection if not treated properly and immediately.

Your primary dentist will determine the appropriate course of action and refer you to an endodontist near you if needed.

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