Mercury Amalgam Removal in Glastonbury

Mercury Amalgam Removal in Glastonbury

In the past, it was common for dentists to use mercury silver fillings as a part of the tooth restoration process. It made sense at the time, but as is true with many advancements in modern dentistry, some old-school practices are counter-productive,

An Example of Mercury Replacement in Modern Medicine

Since mercury is now known to be a toxic substance to the central nervous system of humans, you no longer see it being used in thermometers. Instead, silver mercury that was once used has been replaced with red alcohol so there is never a chance for toxicity to the central nervous system. If you have an old thermometer that still has a silver-looking temperature gauge, we recommend that you replace it with a red alcohol thermometer or a digital thermometer.

This same need for replacement applies to the removal of mercury amalgam fillings. Instead of patients worrying about the toxic vapors that are insidiously being emitted from their fillings and affecting their health, choose mercury amalgam removal in Glastonbury instead by our dentist to remove all risks of toxicity.

Choose a Mercury-Free Dentist Near You

Not only does our dentist specialize in the safe removal of mercury amalgam from a patient’s teeth, but Dr. Hinchey maintains a mercury-free and mercury-safe practice to provide utmost safety to our patients. Our dentist in Glastonbury, CT uses specific protocols to remove amalgam and dispose of amalgam safely, and we partner with Naturopathic Physicians to provide treatment for anyone experiencing symptomatic heavy metal toxicity.

What to Expect After Mercury Amalgam Removal in Glastonbury

Once the mercury has been removed and safely disposed of, our dentist near you will use the Clifford Materials Reactivity Test (CMRT) to identify any specific sensitivities to dental materials that could pose a risk to your health.

If you want to receive expert mercury amalgam removal near you from our dentist who has the skill and experience required to perform the procedure safely, we invite you to book an appointment now using our convenient online booking tool.

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