How to Treat Gum-Disease Using Perio Protect Trays

How to Treat Gum-Disease Using Perio Protect Trays

Oct 16, 2020

This comprehensive gum disease treatment combines the efforts of dental treatment with the comfortable Perio Trays to deliver medication used by patients from home. Patients however need to visit the dental office in Glastonbury CT once in a while.

Perio Trays resemble mouth guards, but are specially designed with a sealing system that effectively delivers treatment beneath the gum line. The Glastonbury dentists directs that you put the medication inside the tray, then wear the device for several minutes a day. The medication then fights and treats infections. Simple.

Present day Perio Protect in Glastonbury CT treatment is better preferred to other methods as it adds more home care to your treatment plan. It’s hard to manage disease causing bacteria and germs at home using toothbrushes and dental floss. Rinses also don’t have the ability to reach deep into the pockets where germs rest.

The Perio Tray medication, however, reaches the crevasses, grooves and deep pockets within the infected gum tissue. The treatment was developed as a less invasive method of treating periodontal diseases, and a better alternative to gum surgeries.

After testing several methods of administering gum disease medication using small toothbrushes, dental floss smeared with medication and injections, Perio Protect Trays were invented. It proved to be a sure way to administer medication directly into infected gums.

How Do Perio Protect Trays Work

It begins with a simple conversation in our dental office South Glastonbury CT. If we find you suffering from gum disease, your hygienist takes a measurement of your mouth and sends the mold to the lab. We then create a customized seal for each non-invasive tray. After the tray is all set, the patient places medication as instructed, and wears it every several minutes a day.

Each internal seal in the tray makes it possible to administer medication directly into spaces between teeth and gums.

Perio Tray are specially designed, in that medication can’t seep into the mouth. This is done by creating a closed seal to the gum tissue creating an artificial pressure. The pressure forces medication into the spaces, under the gum line, and ensures medication spreads deeper compared to how other non-invasive methods work.

Steven F. Hinchey, DMD Family General Dentistry advises on a daily application of this medication if treatment is to be effective. This way, bacterial infections are kept off and wont recolonize the spaces immediately, so your gums have a better chance to heal.

How do you Use the PerioProtect Tray

With regard to recommendations by our Glastonbury Dentist, each patient uses their Perio Tray differently.

For most patients, 2-3 Non-Invasive Tray applications per day for 10 – 15 minutes is the debut treatment plan. The actual treatment plan is however determined by the dentist performing the treatment and the patient’s individual needs.

Once you have the infection under control, the patient will notice a decrease in inflammation, bleeding and pain. You will then minimize the frequency of wearing your Perio Protect trays to one time per day when the gums start to recover.

Usage never ceases completely. This is because periodontal disease is never completely cured. The patient therefore continues to manage the disease even after the infection is healed. In addition to managing the disease, you will benefit from freshness of breath plus whiter teeth.

What are the Advantages of Perio Protect Trays

Perio Protect trays, as a periodontal control method has a number of advantages. The most important however is how comfortable this mode of treatment is. General Dentistry in Glastonbury CT describes as a less invasive method of treating and managing periodontal infections and delivers medication directly into the deep fissures of the gum tissue.

With these non-invasive trays, the patient avoids need for antibiotics, which can easily be unknowingly overused.

Perio Protect Trays also don’t need to be used in a particular technique as with brushing or flossing, both of which are technique sensitive. For Perio Protect trays, you only need to apply the medication and pop the tray into your mouth.

After using the Perio Protect Tray, also, the biofilms in the gum tissue are completely treated so there is minimal possibility of recolonization by harmful bacteria.

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