What Are the Major Procedures That an Endodontist Performs?

What Are the Major Procedures That an Endodontist Performs?

Jun 01, 2022

The most common procedure in endodontic treatment in Glastonbury, CT, is a root canal. A more detailed definition of treatment is diagnosing and treating pulp infections within teeth resulting from decay, trauma, or infection that has invaded the inner pulp area. Thanks to the many advances in modern dentistry, including those we use at Steven F. Hinchey Glastonbury Center for Dental Medicine, root canal treatment is essentially a pain-free procedure. We’ll look at some of the most common symptoms indicating a patient’s need for root canal therapy in a moment. Still, if you’d like to make an appointment for a consultation with Steven F. Hinchey, DMD, to have your questions answered personally, we invite you to book an appointment.

Symptoms that Indicate Root Canal Therapy

Suppose you’re reading this article to self-diagnose your dental concern. In that case, we encourage you to make an appointment instead since symptoms of a root canal in Glastonbury, CT, can often mimic other dental concerns.

However, if you’re looking for a quick summary of the most common symptoms patients report when seeking endodontic treatment, you’ll find those listed here.

  • Radiating tooth pain that radiates to your jaw, face, or other teeth
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures when drinking beverages or eating foods
  • Swollen or tender gums that may include a pimple-like collection of pus
  • Swollen or tender jaw area resulting from the pimple-like collection of pus
  • Tooth discoloration from poor blood supply to the affected tooth
  • Cracked or chipped tooth that has allowed bacteria to enter into the pulp area of the tooth
  • A loose tooth resulting from the pus from the infected pulp of the tooth

As you can probably tell from the above list of symptoms, patients who require a root canal from a dentist in Glastonbury, CT, are often experiencing pain. The pain can be so severe that the last thing they want to endure is any type of dental procedure. But the good news about root canal therapy is that the treatment is pain-free and offers immediate relief from the symptoms the patient was experiencing.

Sedation Dentistry Available from our Dentist Near You

We provide sedation dentistry solutions for patients who remain concerned about dental procedures or experience dental anxiety. We can discuss the best sedation method for your procedure during your dental consultation. We may also prescribe antibiotics ahead of your procedure to reduce the level of infection in your tooth. Since most of the pain patients experience in connection with root canal symptoms is related to infection, antibiotic treatment ahead as the first line of treatment reduces the pain level quickly.

When you visit a dentist near you for your root canal consultation, you’ll learn more about sedation dentistry and pre-treatment antibiotics. We’ll also provide you with a treatment plan for your procedure.

You’re Not Alone

Although you may feel that you’re the only one experiencing pain from an infected tooth, you are not alone. According to the AAE (the American Association of Endodontists), there are around 50,000 root canals every day in the United States. When that number factors over a year, it totals more than 15 million.

But when you visit us for your root canal treatment, you will never be just a number. We treat every patient with the individual respect and courtesy they deserve. Although Dr. Hinchey has over 30 years of experience performing root canals, we will always treat you like family. Reviews from our patients include comments such as:

  • Hinchey is a great dentist and incredibly thoughtful and caring regarding patient care. There are affordable treatment options, and general dental and health care. It was a wonderful experience with prompt and professional treatment with successful results.
  • Hinchey is amazing. I chipped a tooth and thought it would be a major problem, but Dr. Hinchey could fix it with no pain and in a short time.
  • Hinchey was fast and painless. My tooth was fixed with no problems. Awesome job!!

Want to Reduce Your Risk of an Infected Tooth?

Today, one thing you can do to reduce your risk of needing a root canal is to schedule an appointment for a dental exam and cleaning.

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